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Development Manager – Sundown Solar Farm
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Genuine Community Engagement

CWP Renewables is committed to continued community consultation and developing strong relationships with local landowners and the wider community.

Consultation relating to the proposed Sundown Solar Farm project commenced in mid-2017, with one landowner also involved with Sapphire Wind Farm development. Key activities to date have included:

  • June 2017 onwards – conversations with all Sundown host landowners and neighbouring landowner immediately west of the project boundary
  • September 2017 onwards – conversations with TransGrid
  • September 2017 – liaison with Inverell Shire and Glen Innes Severn Councils
  • October 2017 – group meeting of potential host landowners
  • December 2017-current – ongoing landholder and local resident liaison (group meetings, face to face meetings)

Owing to the recent development of the nearby Sapphire Wind Farm and Sapphire Solar Farm, CWP Renewables are well positioned to adopt our current consultation processes and Community Engagement Plan and apply this knowledge to the proposed solar farm.

In preparing the development application and environmental impact assessments, consultation with relevant local, State and/or Commonwealth authorities, infrastructure providers, community groups and affected landowners will continue to be undertaken. The issues raised, and resolutions found through this process will be documented in the EIS.

Community Investment Opportunities

CWP Renewables has developed a community investment model and is currently progressing the feasibility for investment in the Sapphire Solar Farm. In summary, community members from the region have pledged to invest in the project with a guaranteed annual return.

Through the development of Sundown Solar Farm we will be assessing the opportunity for a similar scheme.

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